Sports Betting on Popular Mobile Devices in NZ

Sports betting is one of the largest online gambling activities in New Zealand. Not too long ago, the only way to place a wager on a horse race or sports game was to head out to the track or visit your nearest bookie. Today, all of that has changed, with the introduction of online and mobile betting sites. While the online format has proved popular, what are the pros and cons of betting on popular mobile devices in New Zealand? Let’s take a look!

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As you would expect, there are many advantages to betting on the go.

The first and most obvious advantage is accessibility. So often, punters are out with friends, stuck in the office or traveling when the ideal wagering opportunity presents itself. At these times, having access to a sportsbook is super handy, as you can simply whip out your smartphone and place a wager before actions starts. You don’t even need to have the best mobile device. As long as you have Wi-Fi or Internet access, you have all you need.

One Account for Platforms

Most people think that a mobile betting site is a completely separate entity to original online establishment. Most, if not all, are actually the same site with different methods of access. This means that you can have a single user sign in for both platforms. Even the best mobile device in New Zealand can work in unison with the desktop platform. So, when you are at home, you can use your desktop computer and when you are out, you can use your smartphone.

Accessibility is handled in two ways. Either a site offers an optimised version of their desktop platform, or they offer a dedicated app. In some cases, both are available. The web-based site is useful as it does not require any software download and works off just about any web browser. This includes older models, as well more modern phones and tablets. Betting apps are generally faster and more efficient, but can be limited to devices running Android or iOS operation systems.

Always at Hand

One big advantage of wagering on the go is that just about everyone carries their phone or tablet with them wherever they go. Popular mobile devices in New Zealand act as personal assistants, entertainment modules, communication ports and media streaming devices all in one. This instant accessibility aspect makes it ideal for placing wagers whenever the mood strikes.


While there are not many disadvantages, putting money down on your favourite team, player or event while out and about does have its flaws. If you have an out dated handset, you may need to rely on the optimised site for accessibility, as the app will not work. Some people also feel that while the app is handy, it does not offer all the features of the main site such as live streaming of sports events, news feeds and statistics pages. This does depend on the bookmaker brand, but sites are generally streamlined for ease of use.

Screen Size and Usability

Even if you have the best mobile device in New Zealand, screen size is always limited on a phone or tablet. While this is not an issue for most people, searching for the best odds on a small screen and having to swipe through many options can get tedious. This is where desktop platforms have the upper hand.

That being said, apps can be used as a supplementary option instead of the base platform. It gives punters a functional and simple way to place wagers when out and about, and the pros of this far outweigh any possible cons!

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