Online Cricket Sports Betting Test vs. One-Day Markets

Online cricket sports betting is extremely popular in New Zealand as it offers so many different ways to win. One of the great things about cricket is that the test matches are completely different to One Day and T20 games. Played over 5 days, there tend to be more wagering opportunities on test games with enhanced markets. To give you an idea as to what you can put your money on, we’ve taken a look at the difference between test and One Day (50 overs) markets in cricket betting.


The majority of markets can be found on T20 games, 50 overs games and test matches. In fact, there are actually only a handful of mobile sports betting markets that relate specifically to tests. The most significant include the Innings Bets. Since test cricket is the only type that has more than one innings, a popular bet is the “First Innings Lead”. This is simply a bet on which of the two teams will have the lead after the first innings.

Online cricket sports betting sites will also offer a draw option for first innings with massively high odds since the chance of both teams scoring the same number of runs in the first innings is extremely rare.

Over/Under 1st Innings

Another popular wager related to 1st innings is the over/under bet on the exact total for each team. The bookmaker posts a score for each team and a bet is placed on whether the actual 1st innings score will be over or under the total.

Fall of the First Wicket

While this market is shared with limited overs cricket, the total number of overs does shift slightly. With this bet, you are trying to predict in which over the first wicket will fall. Since there can be over 70 overs played in one innings, it is rather difficult to predict.

100 Runs

Again, with sports betting in New Zealand, this is option is mainly used in Test matches but sometimes also with 50 over games. This is also known as “Century” wagering, where you are simply predicting whether any player will score 100 runs in the match. It is far more likely that a player will achieve a higher score in a test match compared to limited overs matches.

Odd/Even Innings

Some bookmakers like to offer odd/even markets on innings totals. This can be placed on either the first or second innings and simply involves predicting whether the innings total will be an even number like 220, or an odd number like 315.

First Ball

First Ball wagers offer plenty of mobile sports betting markets relating to the first ball of the test match. Here you are predicting what is going to happen on the first ball. Options include a wicket, dot ball, no ball, wide, leg bye, six runs, 4 runs, 3 runs, 2 runs or 1 run.

Shared Options

There are plenty of online cricket sports betting markets that apply to all 3 versions of the game. Popular options for all matches include:

Draw – If the test match is a draw due to the second team not being bowled out by the end of the fifth day.