Live vs. Pre Game Sports Betting

When enjoying the online betting NZ has to offer punters can choose between pre-game and live wagers. Pre-match, or pre-game punts are more common, and simply involve putting money on the outcome of an event before it actually takes place. If you’ve spent any time on the sites that we recommend, you’ve almost certainly been doing this.

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Live betting, also called in-play, on the other hand, involves making a prediction on an event that is currently taking place. You watch the action unfold, and back the team or player you think will triumph accordingly. This is usually done at half- or quarter-time. The big bonus here is that you get to start small and increase or change your stakes depending on athletes’ performance on the day.

Does this make in-play wagers the better option though? That depends on many factors; the best online mobile sports betting in one situation is not always what is optimal in another. The great thing about pre-game punts is that they give you more options to choose from, and provide a more complete understanding and experience of a sport and the bets that can be placed and won.

Differences Between Live and Pre-Game Betting

Whether you’re engaging in the pre-game or live option, you need to know how the event works, what the odds mean and the details of each type of wager. In both cases research into past performances, injury reports, track or field and weather conditions and anything else that you can find will help you to decide who to back.

At all of the best sites for live sportsbetting, or in other words all the sites that we showcase for you here, you can see the moneyline, spread, total and current score displayed clearly for each in-play betting game. As the score changes, they are affected, and you can see them change and then decide what to do.

With in-play mobile sports betting in New Zealand and around the rest of the world, you’ll be able to watch how these factors influence each other immediately. An unexpected change to a team line-up, for example, could really influence overall performance. By witnessing the effects as soon as you start thinking about them, you’ll gain a more concrete understanding than when you theorise and only get to watch after the fact.

Having said that, most ardent fans do read up on future events, learning what experts think and speculating on what might happen. The trick really comes in being able to look at both types of situations, bring the thinking together, and make insightful decisions for pre-game and in-play bets. Developing this skill takes time, but it’s part of the lifelong journey and is almost as satisfying as landing a big win.

Important Factors To Remember

There are generally better odds, wider markets and more options for pre-game than live punts, and you don’t have to think as quickly on your feet. To cover the advantage of changing stakes in reaction to what happens live, the in-play option usually has poorer payouts. When you’re backing your favourites this way, managing your bankroll with small, frequent punts is the best strategy.

Since there are more pre-game options, you may be forced to take this route by default on an event. Where both types are offered, remember to always look at the odds carefully before you put any money down. If they are much better for one type over the other, go with what will pay you more.

A lot of people start off with pre-match bets, and then add live wagers to their repertoire as their confidence and experience increases. Whatever you choose, when it comes to online betting, NZ punters have more options available to them than most. Spend proper time doing research and choose from our list of recommended sportsbooks online, and you’ll find the best live sports betting in New Zealand, along with pre-game options that are sure to satisfy just about everyone.

Sports betting online in New Zealand is pretty much always a thrill, especially if you do so at the sites we recommend. When you want to take your excitement to even greater levels after you’ve been punting for a while, Live Betting is a great way to do it.

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Live Betting Tips

Aside from choosing from our recommendations for the best live sports betting sites in New Zealand, we have some other advice for you on in-play punts. The more you bet like this the more insight you’ll gain and the more you’ll develop your own tactics, but our basic guidelines are a good place to start.

Firstly, always try to start with a pre-game bet if possible. Putting money on the outcome before the game gives you confidence, and a point from which to start. You’ll be more grounded and will better understand the events of the game when it is actually happening. Don’t worry too much about losing this initial stake; you can recover it while you are betting live. If your starting point is winning, you can lean on it harder and increase your payout even more.

It’s also always a good idea to start punting with plenty of funds, for the best mobile live sports betting action. You need a good deal of flexibility when you’re engaging in in-play betting, and this is what a strong bankroll will ensure. As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to put down half of your total budget on pre-game bets and then to keep the rest for in-play bets. You’ll have enough room to manoeuvre to maximise your wins this way.

And lastly, remember to trust your intuition and to keep refining your strategy as you punt. The more time you spend on in-play bets, the more insight you will have into how the games work and the better you will be at adjusting your punts accordingly. You’ll be able to interpret the odds on live sports betting better, and will be able to see how accurate they are.

As you keep placing live sports bets, you’ll understand how the bets work more and will have a unique opportunity to understand how the games themselves work too.

Differences Between Live & Virtual Sports Betting

One of the great advantages of online and mobile sports betting in New Zealand is that there are so many different types of wagering categories to choose from. While the average punter sticks to pre-match and future punts, plenty of people welcome the opportunity to place live bets or to try their hand at virtual sports.

While not new to the industry, these two genres are still considered niche and seldom understood. To clear up the misunderstandings, we are going to look at what virtual betting is and how it compares to live betting

Virtual Sports Betting Explained

Virtual sports have been around for a number of years and are growing in popularly. The main reason why bookmakers offer this type of option is to increase the number of wagering opportunities for their customers. As the name suggest, this is where a match, race or game is virtually reconstructed using sophisticated 3D virtual software. The result is an exciting opportunity to place pre-match wagers on an event that will never again take place in real life.

The idea with virtual sports betting is to provide additional content and more ways to win. The type of events that are digitally created include Soccer, American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey and Horse Racing, to name just a few. Often these events include famous teams and players that are simulated to look and act exactly as they do in real life. The outcome of a game or race is unknown by the bookmakers or anyone else at the start. Random number generators, much like those used in casino games produce the results. Since the final result is unknown, all the same pre-match markets can be offered.

Difference in Strategies

As we have seen above, sports betting on a virtual race or match is no different to putting money down on an upcoming game in real life. There is a huge benefit to virtual games and races in that bookmakers can schedule multiple events throughout the day, providing far more opportunities to win big. The markets available are all the same, and include straight bets and props. All wagers are placed before the event and closed when the game or race starts.

The one key difference here is not being able to rely on knowledge such as current fitness of the teams, recent performances, changes to coaching staff, home ground advantage and other data which is often used to help make a prediction. These are not a factor in virtual games. The bookmakers that offer this type of mobile sports betting in New Zealand do however provide past results going back three months, which can be a guide on what may happen in the upcoming race of game. Punters must adjust their choices accordingly.

With live sports, the above information can be used, including the action that is currently taking place, and this makes predicting an outcome that much easier, or potentially it does, as in race or match anything can happen.

Get your blood pumping and try the thrills out for yourself the next time you want to level-up your punting experiences and wins!

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