Easy to Understand Rugby Betting Markets

Rugby is one of the biggest sports in all of New Zealand. Played at every level from school, to club and professional, a major rugby game is always a well-attended event, both in terms of spectators at the game and those who watch it on TV. It is no wonder then that rugby is one of the biggest online betting NZ sports, with plenty of markets to choose from. For online casino enthusiasts and sports fans that want to try their hand at online rugby betting, we take a look at the most popular rugby betting markets that are easy to understand.

Match Markets

Match betting is the most popular type of online betting NZ options in rugby, and usually encompasses the most markets. With a standard match bets, punters simply predict which team will win the match or if the match will be a draw. Match markets also include half time betting and either team to win both halves. With half time betting, punters must accurately predict which team will have the highest score at half time.

While it may sound complicated, either team to win both halves is a bet where punters must try and predict if any one of the two teams will win both halves. By this it we mean that one team will outscore the other team in the first half and in the second half.

Half Markets

Half markets pertain to a specific half of a rugby match. The most popular bets here are the team to win each half and the highest scoring half. The team to win each half simply means predicting which team will score the most points in each half. The highest scoring half means predicting which of the two halves will score the most points.

Points Markets

Points markets are just as popular as match markets, and as easy to understand. Instead of basing the bets on the result of the match, bets are placed according to points scored within the match itself. The most popular bet is the highest number of scoring points. This is essentially the same as a match bet and involves predicting which team will score the most points in the game. Another popular points bet is odds/even half and odds/even full.

With odds/evens half, punters must predict whether the score at half time will be an even number such as 10 or an odd number such as 9. With odds/even full, the same bet is placed on the final score at the end of the match. One popular bet is the race to 10 points. With this bet, a punter predicts which side will be the first to score 10 points in the match.

Try Markets

Try markets involve betting on how tries are scored, how many tries are scored and who is scoring the tries. This type of betting involves an intimate knowledge of the game and teams. For example, a team with a strong kicking game will generally score less tries. The most popular try bet is the team try. This is a bet on which team will score the most tries in the game. At the same time a punter can predict that no tries will be scored in the game at all.

Another popular try bet at online betting NZ sites is the total try odd/even. This simply means that a punter must predict whether the total number of tries scored will be odd such as 5 or even such as 6. There is another try bet, which is called “Will the first try be converted?” This bet is fairly self-explanatory. In this bet, punters bet yes or no to whether the team that scores the first try will converted. The final try bet worth looking at is the shirt of the try scorer odds/evens. In this bet, punters must predict whether the player who scores the try has a shirt number that is odd or even.