Online Betting NZ Guide To Live vs. Pre Game Wagers

When enjoying the online betting NZ has to offer punters can choose between pre game and live wagers. Pre-match, or pre-game punts more common, and simply involve putting money on the outcome of an event before it actually takes place. If you’ve spent any time on the sites that we recommend, you’ve almost certainly been doing this.

Live betting, also called in-play, on the other hand, involves making a prediction on an event that is currently taking place. You watch the action unfold, and back the team or player you think will triumph accordingly. This is usually done at half- or quarter-time. The big bonus here is that you get to start small and increase or change your stakes depending on athletes’ performance on the day.

Does this make in-play wagers the better option though? That depends on many factors; the best online mobile sports betting in one situation is not always what is optimal in another. The great thing about pre-game punts is that they give you more options to choose from, and provide a more complete understanding and experience of a sport and the bets that can be placed and won.

Both Options Require Insight

Whether you’re engaging in the pre-game or live option, you need to know how the event works, what the odds mean and the details of each type of wager. In both cases research into past performances, injury reports, track or field and weather conditions and anything else that you can find will help you to decide who to back.

With in-play mobile sports betting in New Zealand and around the rest of the world, you’ll be able to watch how these factors influence each other immediately. An unexpected change to a team line-up, for example, could really influence overall performance. By witnessing the effects as soon as you start thinking about them, you’ll gain a more concrete understanding than when you theorise and only get to watch after the fact.

Having said that, most ardent fans do read up on future events, learning what experts think and speculating on what might happen. The trick really comes in being able to look at both types of situations, bring the thinking together, and make insightful decisions for pre-game and in-play bets. Developing this skill takes time, but it’s part of the lifelong journey and is almost as satisfying as landing a big win.

Important Factors For Each Option

There are generally better odds, wider markets and more options for pre-game than live punts, and you don’t have to think as quickly on your feet. To cover the advantage of changing stakes in reaction to what happens live, the in-play option usually has poorer payouts. When you’re backing your favourites this way, managing your bankroll with small, frequent punts is the best strategy.

Since there are more pre-game options, you may be forced to take this route by default on an event. Where both types are offered, remember to always look at the odds carefully before you put any money down. If they are much better for one type over the other, go with what will pay you more.

A lot of people start off with pre-match bets, and then add live wagers to their repertoire as their confidence and experience increases. Whatever you choose, when it comes to online betting, NZ punters have more options available to them than most. Spend proper time doing research and choose from our list of recommended sportsbooks online, and you’ll find the best live sports betting in New Zealand, along with pre-game options that are sure to satisfy just about every one.