Easy Sports Betting Tennis Markets

Tennis is one of the most popular sports, both in terms of viewing entertainment and for online sports betting. A major tournament such as the Australian Open or Wimbledon attracts millions of viewers from around the globe, with thousands of wagers place on every single match. The great thing about online and mobile tennis sports betting is that there are plenty of markets to choose from to cater for every type of punter. It doesn’t matter what you skill level is, you will always find an option to suit your skills.

For anyone just starting out, there are a handful of markets that you should consider first before moving on to the more detailed options. Take a look at the easiest Tennis markets NZ has to offer to get going.

Match Winner

With online or mobile sports betting in New Zealand, the match winner is probably the most popular choice. You will find match winning in Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball and Aussie Rules. It’s popular because it simply requires you to predict which team or individual will win the match. In the US and Canada, this is usually referred to as the money line bet. In tennis, this involves predicting which player will win the matchup, or in the case of doubles, which team will win. The odds posted by the bookmakers reflect the player ratings and their theoretical chances of winning.

Set Betting

Mobile tennis sports betting offers plenty of opportunities to get into the heart of the game. Set betting is yet another way that you can use your prediction skills to win big without having to predict who will win the match. There are two main types of set sports betting markets. The first and the most popular is “first set winner”. Here you are predicting which player will win the first set in the match. The second is the “set winner” which can relate to any set in the match. This is usually a more difficult wager but can pay off in the end.

Handicap Bets

One of the most popular tennis markets NZ bookmakers offer is Handicap betting. Most punters will be familiar with handicapping as it is used with many other sports including Football, Rugby, Golf, Cricket, Volleyball and so on. When one player or team is clearly more advanced than their opponent, the results can be a forgone conclusion. In order to make the option more desirable, the bookmakers give the underdog’s a virtual point advantage. This means that even if they lose the actual game or match, the favourite must win by a certain margin for the bet to pay out. In Tennis, handicapping is used when top seeded players play opening rounds in tournaments and are pitted against first time-qualifiers, or those with world rankings in the triple digits.

Total Games – Over/Under

Over/under or totals are popular with online sports betting fans. It doesn’t matter what sport you are putting money on, the market reduces your choices to one of two options. In tennis this is mostly used with total number of games played. Since the match can end in 2 sets for women and 3 sets for men, the number of games played is always different.

With over/under markets, bookmakers post a total that refers to the predicted number of games played in the match. The punter can then place a wager saying that the actual total will be above (over) the number posted or below (under) the total posted. The simplicity makes this one a popular choice, and it usually offers slightly better odds than the standard match bet.