Double Double Bonus Poker on Mobile

Double Double Bonus Poker requires optimal strategy, as it is a video poker variant more suited for experienced players. It is available to be played on mobile giving you the greatest access with just one touch, no matter where you are.

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New Zealander’s are big fans of video poker and it is no wonder that this game is a huge success. Not only does it have the top-notch quality expected of a Microgaming product but you are guaranteed great game play and lots of winning action.

Double Double Bonus Poker is otherwise known as 10/6 and is based on the Jacks or Better variant, but there are some differences that make it stand out as one of the most exciting around.

There is a gamble feature that can see your winnings double if you pick a face down playing card that is of a higher value than the one that is displayed face up. With massive payouts this feature can see huge increases in winnings.

Why Double Double Bonus Poker is Special

Double Double Bonus Poker has some special attributes such as the premium pay outs for four of a kind hands. The payouts are much higher than other video poker variants making it an appealing option.

Playing on the go means you never have to worry about finding the opportunity to win big. Just be sure to know the poker hands and their rankings for this mobile video poker variant so that you can adopt your own optimal strategy. It is best to aim for hands with better odds but it all comes down to what cards you are dealt.

With the pay outs varying to such a degree it is important that you learn about which hands have better odds versus their payouts. This will help you gain the best possible edge over the house with the knowledge of which cards to keep and which to discard.

Just like classic video poker games, Double Double Bonus Poker is played with five cards being dealt after bets are placed. The cards must then be assessed for which hold value and which should be discarded. Discarded cards are then replaced which is the final deal before the hand, or multiple hands, are assessed for any wins. 

The Poker Hand Rankings Applicable

The royal flush is the highest valued hand in Double Double Bonus Poker, but there are additional hands that are unique to this game. The second highest hand available is holding four aces and a two, three or four. Third up is four two’s to four’s with an ace, two, three or four.

You will then find four aces, four twos to fours, four five’s to kings, a straight flush, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two of a kind, two pairs and lastly a pair of jacks or better.  

Most of the Double Double Bonus Poker payouts are the same as Jacks or Better apart from the four of a kind hands that offer huge pay outs.

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