Oasis Poker

At Mobile Casino we want you to enjoy the best games at the best New Zealand casinos. To help you in every way we can, we give you guidelines to games as well as thorough casino reviews. A very popular game in online and mobile casinos is Oasis Poker. A variation of Caribbean Stud Poker, it blends the best parts of Caribbean Stud and Video Poker together.

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Since you’re playing against the dealer rather than other tablemates, the game is especially suited to online and mobile casinos. Many highly regarded software developers have created their own versions, and you’ll love all the fast-paced, immersive action!

How Oasis Poker Works

Oasis Poker is played with 1 deck of cards and follows the same rules as Caribbean Stud Poker, except that you can exchange cards as you can in Video Poker. The first thing you do is place your ante wager, and a side bet if you choose to. Then you and the dealer both get 5 cards, with 1 of the dealer’s facing up so you can see it.

After you’ve looked at your cards and considered the dealer’s face-up card, the Video Poker-like portion of the game begins. You can swap any of your 5 cards for the next card in the deck. Of course, to keep things interesting, there is a price for this, as outlined here:

The price for swapping your cards in Oasis Poker is non-refundable, and if you swap all 5 cards out you have to Raise by doubling the Ante. You can also choose to Fold and forfeit the round, or to Call, and compare your cards to the dealer’s, after you’ve seen your initial hand. You might find some strict versions of the game that don’t allow you to Fold if you exchanged any cards.

Oasis Poker Payouts

When you are Standing, your cards and the dealer’s hand are revealed. To qualify, the dealer must hold an Ace/King hand or higher.

If you placed a bonus bet in Oasis Poker, this is paid out according to your original hand, before any exchanges were made.

Oasis Poker Strategy

There is no perfect strategy to play with Oasis Poker, and you can’t use fool-proof strategy charts as you can with Blackjack or Video Poker. There are, however, some basic tips to give you the best chance of winning.

Give Oasis Poker a try at top New Zealand casinos online and discover why this game is such a favourite!

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