Premier Roulette

Premier Roulette, and the Diamond Edition of the game that was released later, are among the most popular games at the online casinos that we showcase for you here. The Diamond Edition has all of the same features as the original game, but it does away with the split screen, so you just need to decide which view you prefer.

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Both games are developed and produced by Microgaming, and feature all of the immersive graphics and smooth functionality that the platform is known for. If you’re a fan of spinning the Little Wheel, Premier Roulette is definitely worth checking out.

Special Features and Game Enhancements

The wheel takes up almost all of the screen space in this game, and with cutting-edge 3-S graphics it often fools people into thinking it is actually a video. Your gameplay and strategy development is enhanced by being allowed to review your betting history, and to make repeat bets.

You can control several features yourself as well, which helps you to personalise your playing experience. Options include changing the colours on the actual wheel to suit your own tastes, as well as controlling the video zoom on the action unfolding in front of you. These little things should help you feel more immersed in the game, and you’ll be more focused on it and play it better.

When you’re playing in Premier Roulette’s Expert Mode, you can activate the AutoPlay feature and keep the wheel spinning by itself. This is great for very busy days, and while it’s not as much fun as playing for yourself it does mean you won’t miss out on any wins while you take care of everything else in your life!

The Turbo feature will also save you precious time when you need it. When this is activated, the wheel’s spinning action is bypassed and you’ll go straight to watching the ball come to rest. Once again, this is far less exciting that watching the ball bounce as the wheel turns and holding your breath to see where it finally lands, but you’ll get to maximise your winning opportunities no matter what else is going on in your life.

Go for a Spin Online

The time-saving features of Premier Roulette, and its Diamond Edition, are fantastic but using them will probably just make you miss the full version even more and want to get back to proper gameplay as soon as you can.

The best place to do that, or to play with the Turbo or AutoPlay features, is at one of the great online casinos that we showcase for you here. You can usually play for free, in addition to real money, which gives you the chance to get familiar with the game and build up your skills and confidence before staking any real cash.

Try this risk-free mode out today, and once you’re satisfied you can start playing for real money. You won’t be investing anything but your time until you feel ready. Happy spinning!

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