New Zealand Casino Banking Options

Smartphone’s are about so many things; they’re about convenience, ease of use and conducting our daily lives on the go. They’re also about playing mobile casino games and standing to win loads of cash! But for this to run smoothly, the payment options must be safe, secure and simple. Fortunately, the technology of today facilitates mobile transactions as easily as it does online ones.

Banking has truly excelled in the 21st century and it’s taken mobile casino gaming along with it. Some would say it was online gaming that took banking into the millennium, which is not too far from the truth. After all, half of today’s web wallets, e-wallets and online payment mechanisms owe their existence to the online casino industry. Many were created to accommodate the rapid growth of the industry and today many cater not just to online and mobile casino gaming but to purchases in general. Some of the best innovations in the banking sector have the internet casino movement to thank.

Casino Banking and Your Safety

Whether you are transferring funds to or from a mobile or online casino, you should remember to proceed as cautiously as possible. Make sure that the casino you have selected has a range of methods provided for both processes, and that the one you prefer is available.

Additionally, make a point of ensuring that the casino you have selected makes use of 128-bit SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, encryption technology too. This can be done by simply glancing at your navigation bar: if you can see a small green lock, or a green block covering the casino’s address once you have logged in, you can be sure the site is a safe one. The site URL will also read as https not just http.

Mobile Casino Deposit Options

Before you do anything, you first you need to buy Bitcoins online. If you are going to be spending under $2000, it will be easier to purchase the coins from a smaller trader that offers you both Bitcoins and a wallet service (wallets can be used to store your Bitcoins safely). Usually there will be a 1% service charge included.
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Neteller has been in existence since the late 1990s and was a direct result of the online casino boom of that period. Although the company was initially setup to only deal with casino transactions, it has since expanded its operations to include all kinds of purchases for the online and mobile market.
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Launched almost 20 years ago and having gone through a few changes as a company, PayPal is considered the granddaddy of e-wallets, the one who blazed the trails for the others to follow. These days PayPal is available in a huge range of currencies and can be used to transfer casino funds very quickly and easily.
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Depositing funds into a mobile casino account from a Skrill account is incredibly easy. Simply visit the casinos banking page for depositing funds, and select Skrill under the e-wallet options. Use the same email address of the Skrill account and choose the amount to be deposited.
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eCheck is an innovative deposit and withdrawal system that acts as a digital bonding agent between your mobile casino account and your actual bank account. With eCheck you’re able to log directly into your account and move money from there into your casino account and vice versa.
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If you want the flexibility of a Visa card with the security of a web-wallet, EntroPay is the answer. EntroPay is essentially a virtual prepaid Visa credit card that you can use to make online payments anywhere the Visa sign is displayed. You can also use EntroPay for instant online casino deposits at all leading online casinos in New Zealand.
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If you’re looking for ways in which to conduct mobile casino transactions that are safe and secure then you’ll be pleased to know that not only are the aforementioned qualities covered, but that the options available are diverse. This industry demands the attention of banks and financial institutions due to the sheer volume of transactions that pass through their virtual doors.

Mobile casinos are serious business, and thus it’s in the banks interest and online financial institutions to sit up and pay attention. This is why there is such a vast sharing of knowledge between casinos and banking institutions and the same kinds of security measures employed by banks are employed by mobile and online casinos. This means you’re safe in the online environment. Some of the most commonly used mobile casino payment options include and are not limited to the following companies, organisations and financial institutions:

Advantages of Using E-Wallets in New Zealand

As you can see, there are plenty of banking services available. E-wallets are however a firm favourite these days and offer easy, safe and secure deposits and withdrawals.

Mobile e-wallets in New Zealand provide the highest degree of safety, as well as convenience and fully anonymity, no matter which site you are playing at. These payment mechanisms have become the preferred player option, and when you know how they work, you’ll understand why.

The majority of players choose e-wallets simply because they offer a highly secure and easy way to pay without risking the exposure of your bank details to the casino. You can think of mobile e-wallets as a layer between you and the casino. Your banking information or credit card information is linked to the secure facility, and when it comes time to make a payment, none of your details are carried across. This also allows you to retain anonymity at overseas sites and keeps your confidential details secure.

Another great reason to use this mechanism is because it offers instant deposits and payments at thousands of merchants across the globe. Whether you want to fund your gaming account, purchase goods online or send money to friends and family overseas, the best mobile casino e-wallets offer multi payment options at all top casinos and online merchants.

Making a deposit is also super easy and incredibly fast. Simply head to the cashier section, tap on the deposit tab, choose your service provider, insert your details and complete the transaction. The funds will instantly be transferred, giving you the freedom to play real money pokies and other favourite games straight away.

In addition to the safety factor, another major reason why players choose to transact using this system is because they are one of the very few banking methods to offer instant cashouts. With credit cards, bank transfers and instant banking it can take anywhere from 3 to 7 days before the funds hit your account. With mobile e-wallets, you can make a withdrawal and have the funds in your account within an hour. You can then use your funds to make more deposits or shop online to your heart’s content.

Linking a Prepaid Card

One of the reasons why players have reservations about using mobile e-wallets in New Zealand is because once you make a deposit, you still have to move the funds back into your bank account before you can use them in-store for whatever you need. The good news is that this problem has been resolved with the inclusion of a prepaid debit or credit card (usually Visa and Mastercard) that you can link to your account. The card gets delivered to your doorstep and is directly linked to your available funds.

As long as you have a positive balance, you can use your prepaid cards for purchases online or in store. It works like any other debit or credit card with huge purchasing power. If you make a casino withdrawal and want to get your hands on the cash straight away, you can simply withdraw your funds at any ATM using your prepaid card.

Casino Withdrawals

When it comes to gambling online, there are a number of factors that can influence your overall casino experience. In New Zealand, most player’s focus on the three big requirements, which include gaming selection, deposit methods and casino bonuses. Once those are checked off the list, players are happy to sign up with just about any top mobile casino that comes along.

If you are diligent and you value your time and money, you will take a little bit more time in selecting which online casino you sign up with. Not only should you be searching for a casino with great bonuses, a good list of games and fast deposits; you should also be looking for a casino that is user-friendly, fully secure and offers fast cashouts.

Since all online and mobile casinos have some form of processing period, its best to look for a casino that is either in range with the norm or can process your request within 24 hours. Anything over 48 hours or 2 working days is far more than the average casino. If your casino takes up to 4 days just to process, it may be time to play somewhere else. Once the processing time has elapsed, the withdrawal is then in the hands of the financial institution or web-wallet platform to complete the transaction. This a crucial step and one that can extend your withdrawal by another 5 days or be processed immediately.

Choosing the right withdrawal method is key to faster cashouts. In days gone by, the only way to withdraw your winnings was to withdraw your funds directly into your bank account. Depending on your financial institution, this could take anywhere between 5 to 7 days to process. Thankfully, things have improved since then. Today, there are a number of withdrawal methods that are equally safe and much quicker. Another point to think about is the minimum withdrawal amount. In most cases, the longer the withdrawal time, the higher the withdrawal limit.

Casino Processing Times

Another good way to withdraw your winnings in a hurry is to use Bitcoin. While not all online casinos offer Bitcoin, the number is growing on a daily basis. Bitcoin casinos accept the digital currency as a regular deposit and cashout method, the same way you would use a web-wallet account.
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When withdrawing winnings with NETELLER, you can use a Net+ prepaid card, cheques, and bank transfers, and the money will be processed over a period of between two and four days. There is no transaction fee payable from NETELLER, either.
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Your first withdrawal will require you to submit a proof of identification and of where you reside, so have these items ready for the mobile casino.your email address and the creation of a password. Once you’ve established your account you can choose a way to fund it and this is usually done via card or your bank account.
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This e-wallet started off as a company known as Moneybookers and was renowned for being the first institution to allow a user to send money by his or her email. Skrill still employs the email technology that it created and has expanded its usage for the rest of the internet.
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eChecks work similarly to standard checks and are simply the electronic version of the latter. The processing time for this withdrawal method is around two days, and, once again, the extra safety this payment process provides makes it a top choice for NZ players.
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This card can essentially be used anywhere, whether or not the mobile casino you have chosen officially accepts EntroPay as a method of payment or not. This is because it has been designed to be used at any sites that accept Visa.
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Before we get into the actual withdrawal methods, let’s take a look at the casino itself. Almost every mobile casino in New Zealand will have a withdrawal processing period. This is the time it takes for the casino to process your withdrawal request. In most cases, the processing time will be 2 working days. Whether or not it actually takes this amount of time to process is beside the point.

At any time during these 48 hours, players can cancel their withdrawal with no fees or any other issues popping up. Basically, the casinos want to make sure that you really do want to cash out your winnings and it wasn’t just a spur of the moment decision.

Faster withdrawal methods are key to an enjoyable online casino experience and the casinos that we recommend all offer plenty of banking options and adhere to a prompt payout policy.

Pending Times on Cashouts

If you’ve ever made any mobile casino withdrawals, you know that there is a waiting period or pending time between when you make the request, and when the money reaches your bank or e-wallet. This allows sites to perform security checks and verify your identity and is more economical because they can make more transfers at once.

Reverse Withdrawals at Online Casinos

Reverse withdrawals are exactly what they sound like. If you have put in a request to cash out your funds from a desktop or mobile casino, you may change your mind and want to cancel it. Reversing your transaction allows you to do just that and puts the funds back into your playing account.

How to Make Reverse Withdrawals

If you decide you want to keep playing with real funds during these waiting periods, you can do this by cancelling your withdrawal. Simply go back to the cashier interface, click a button or tick a box, and follow a few more prompts. You’ll have access to your funds immediately and can continue betting and winning.

Reverse Withdrawal Advantages

Reverse withdrawals are great if you change your mind and decide that you want to keep playing at an online casino. If you were simply going to make another deposit anyway, this is just a lot quicker and cheaper. That means that if you see a new game or a new bonus offer that you want to take advantage of, you don’t have to wait to do it.

Reversing mobile casino withdrawals can be especially beneficial, just because playing this way is even more immediate and fast-paced than when you use a desktop. You might have only a few minutes to spare, and in the rush, it is more likely that you’ll cash out before you see that new game that you want to try.

Reverse Withdrawal Downsides

We do need to note that there are some issues with cancelling your cashouts at a desktop or mobile casino. If it becomes too much of a habit, you could end up losing all the money you’ve won back to the house.

Since it is such a simple procedure, you can imagine how easy it is to get caught up in this. An increasing number of online establishments are helping to curtail this, by making the period when these reversals are possible a lot smaller.

You can also take control of the situation by always leaving a small amount of funds in your account; so that you have something left to bet with and are less tempted to cancel your funds transfer. If you are experiencing serious problems controlling this behaviour, you might need to stick to using casinos that allow Flushing.

Reverse Withdrawals and Flushing

“Flushing” literally refers to flushing your account, so that while your cashouts are pending you cannot access them. In other words, you are actually unable to request reversals. This is sometimes done automatically, but you will usually need to get in touch with a Customer Service Liaison to set it up manually. If you’ve ever come across the words “manual flushing” in a casino review, this is what is being referred to.

Ultimately, you need to take responsibility for your own gaming behaviour. If you think you’ll be able to use this function without abusing it, it can be a great way to keep the good times going. On the other hand, if you know you will struggle to manage it and avoid the temptation of playing all your funds away, it is best avoided. You’ll find the best sites for both options in our reviews. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details