VR Popularity Growing

Tia Winter | 16 May 2017

Recent research by UK-based firm Opinium, commissioned by SlotsMillion casino, reveals that the awareness and interest in virtual reality products and experiences is growing. Good news for SlotsMillion is that gaming, along with travel, were the most desired VR activities listed by respondents. Watching television, movies and live music, and taking part in sporting events, were also popular choices.

The Numbers

According to Opinium’s findings, 92% of interviewees knew what VR was and understood what the term “virtual reality” meant. The greatest success of VR has been with people aged 18-34, which is also where most marketing efforts have been focused.

Overall, about 23% of those surveyed have tried different aspects of VR technology. When asked if they were interested in VR, 80% of those between 18 and 34, 66% aged between 35 and 54 and 56% of those older than 55 all said yes.

Both genders seem interested too; 60% of women and 72% of men affirmed this when asked. Men do seem keener though; in addition to this result, 30% of males, compared to 14% of females, said they had already tried VR. Specific levels of interest in VR and technology across the whole group were as follows:

The findings also predict that virtual reality will have around 171 million users by 2018, and that revenue for the sector will reach $4.6 billion by December 2017. Virtual reality software is also estimated to rise by 3000% by 2018, with 28 million people buying related hardware and software in that year.

SlotsMillion Looks Forward

SlotsMillion was launched in 2014, and is the world’s first VR real-money casino. It is part of ALEA, an online gaming company, founded in 2012, who is committed to offering innovative products. SlotsMillion CEO, Alexandre Tomic, commented that Opinium’s results show that the phase of creating VR awareness in customers has been successful. He went on to say that the only reason people have not tried VR headsets yet is due to lack of opportunity – in other words, not due to lack of desire or understanding.

Mr. Tomic acknowledged that affordability remains an issue, but that once prices go down the technology will be much more widely deployed. As technology keeps improving, so too should people’s use and appreciation of VR – especially in the online casino world.

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